From the Director

J. D. Wierzbowski, Managing Director
For many years, I have had the privilege to work in service for the advancement of public safety and security.  For any citizen, in any nation, this is the most essential ingredient for true freedom and quality of life, ranging from the personal security of the individual and his or her home and business, to the detection and investigation of the crimes and fraud that occur against them. Government entities make tremendous efforts in this regard, but gaps are unavoidable due to budgetary restrictions, political considerations, management priorities that emphasize other expenditures, and services that sometimes cannot be provided publicly. 

The Eviquest corporation, my corporation, attempts to fill a part of that gap.  This privately owned company provides the business infrastructure for delivery of forensic investigations and consulting,  security products and services, research, training, and associated investments. The strength of our corporation lies in its ability to carry out direct action for the accomplishment of meaningful results, without the standard limitations of the public sector.  Within a framework of ethics and integrity, the best course of action is what works.